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Interior Design By Heather Dellaquila

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“Beauty is the harmony of function and form”

Alvar Aato

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Wynnewood New Construction

Classic Colonial

Modern  Elegance


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Bay House


Canal House



 Heather is wonderful to work with as an interior designer! I’ve worked with her on and off for nearly 5 years on projects both big and small at our home in Wayne ranging from major kitchen and living room renovations to simply getting her expert advice and selection ideas for décor, paint color, backsplash, furniture, room layout, hardware, light fixtures, and other design decisions. She seems to know about EVERYTHING when it comes to the home and can recommend high-quality décor or furnishings that fit within a budget. Heather has lovely taste and seeks to understand your style, lifestyle needs (eg, kids, no kids, pets, etc) and will give design ideas to maximize both the look and functionality of your space. Finally, she has a great way of communicating and when asked for an opinion, she’ll give it to you openly and honestly. She makes what feels like an overwhelming process with lots of decisions very fun and enjoyable.

Katie Rivera

 I have had the pleasure to work with Heather and Main Line Design on two different projects over the years. Heather blended my existing furniture and art with some new purchases. She really listened to my needs, solved problems and stayed on budget. The previous owner of my last apt come over and saw the finished worked and said, "this place looks like a magazine cover". I think that's the best complement I could get and that is all because of Main Line Design.

Heather is super friendly, easy to work with and practical. She will take her time and give you her honest opinion.

Barbara K

 I have had the best experience working with Heather on several different projects in my home! I needed her help when trying to make updates on our older house and loved the ideas and recommendations she gave us! Highly recommend Heather for all aspects of home interior and design!

Julie Frederick

Heather inspires your trust by asking all the right questions that help her understand your personal style, time, and budget. She is polished and professional while making the process fun and easy going, from design to execution.

Ivette DeLaRosa

Furnishing our newly bought house was an overwhelming project for both my husband and I.To say we didn’t know where to start would be an understatement. Little did we know that we would have an expert interior designer right next door, Heather.Her ability to see our vision and share her practical advice gave us the confidence to purchase the right furniture and position the decor that was meaningful to me in a cohesive layout. Every time my husband and I were unable to agree on a color or layout, Heather would come to the rescue!  She always balanced her advice by taking into consideration my inspiration and his practicality. Over a course of five years, (as my husband moves at a slow pace), the house seamlessly transformed into what feels like "home".  Heather came along on this journey and helped us to create a warm and comfortable place that we adore.

Dori and Pavel Matskevich

Heather not only knows design like no other we have ever used. She will quickly get to know you and create a design that exactly what you want and what your style is. You can't go wrong. She is attentive and will be at your side the whole time and has so many contacts in the industry that she will find and work with the best contractors for your project.

Jack Brown

Heather is wonderful to work with. Interior design is not in “my wheelhouse” and she really taught me a lot! She truly listened to what we wanted to use the room for and designed accordingly.  She has an eye for colors, styles and creative solutions! I love our new living room and loved working with her!

Ellen Mager Galka

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Your space matters

Your home is the backdrop of your life and should be a sanctuary for both exceptional and everyday moments.  We believe intentional design can create feelings of comfort, connection, and balance.   Using a family focused  vision, we craft environments that enhance your lifestyle with the perfect balance of beauty and function.  We can guide you through every decision whether you have specific ideas and inspirations or are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  With Mainline Decor at your side the process will feel effortless and enjoyable.  Mainline Decor is here to help with small single room refresh to major renovations.  With Mainline Decor’s attention to detail, expertise, and design aesthetic we will help you achieve the right balance for your project and lifestyle.  


Mainline Decor is a boutique interior design studio dedicated to designing beautiful and functional spaces customized for your style of living. 

Heather has a formal design education with over 16 years’ experience.  She understands the complexities of city life to suburban life and everything in between.  She knows the importance of designing for family life and the need for function and form.  Main Line Décor welcomes projects both big and small.  

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